Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Into Plein Air

On the way to preschool early in the morning, my son and I rode next to the San Gabriel mountains near Eaton Canyon. Sage speckled the hillsides with blooming purple spires. Orange poppies fluttered like tethered butterflies with wings splayed open surrounded by the pervasive yellow dots of mustard blossoms. My youngest son asked to pull over immediately, hike a path and paint. I explained we weren't prepared for a painting hike today but we could do it tomorrow. "With snacks?" he asked.

Absolutely. We dropped his big brother at school the following day and headed straight to the area around Eaton Canyon that spoke so clearly to his imagination the previous day. A four year old with a paint brush is a beautiful thing. He paints with such intention yet filled with freedom. A lesson to all.

Painting has it's pleasures and rewards, but really, it's all about the snacks, the open air and adventure.

May this notebook (and many more) be filled with the celebrations and commemorations of being out in the places that call to you mixed with the calm complexity of all that is within.


  1. How fun! The picture on the right looks a bit like a cave drawing. :) I know I sure do get a kick out of looking at my childhood artwork. Hope he finds the same enjoyment when he gets older.

  2. This is excellent. I will suggest this to my daughter, an avid studio painter thus far...

  3. so so great! happy spring! xo

  4. this is great..I teach art and its hard once they get to the age of 15 or 16 to just let go and paint..everyone seems to think they arent good they worry to much they get upset when it doesnt look realistic or the eyes are uneven. But you give a 4 year old a brush and some paint and they just let loose--to me this is what full grwon adult abstract painters are able to do--tap into their carefree childhood(aka basquiat) anyway kudos to this whole post--to the painting the the rubber boots and to the lounging and snacking


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