Friday, June 29, 2012

Post School Wrap Up

The end of school is marked with beekeeping presentations at the preschool and elementary school. This year, I did a solo presentation at the elementary school due to Eric's busy schedule. I always love watching him talk about the bees.

My oldest son's class grew a beautiful edible garden thanks to the guidance and efforts of fellow parent Julie Desmond. At the end of the year, she and the kids harvested the fruits of their labor and together we made soup over a camp stove behind the classroom.

And chamomile tea, grown and harvested by the kids, so delicious they might be able to go into business with this.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sometimes a Great Dog

Moxie, Joshua Tree, April 2006
A great dog can change your life. You meet on the street in a sketchy Los Angeles neighborhood blocks from the now shuttered Rampart Police Station. Life on the street isn't easy for anyone, human or young dog just beyond the edge of puppy. But a great dog can make an introduction, can overcome her intense fear of people and allow you to clean her wounds. I remember what I said to her the evening she followed me home. "I can't tell you how this will turn out, but I can guarantee it's a lot better than what you've got going on right now."

She looked at me with her brown soulful eyes, spoke in low howls and took a chance on me.

Little did I know, she would introduce me to the man who became my partner in life. Eric adopted Moxie shortly after I took her in off the street. Moxie and Eric feel in love immediately. She was an intense dog and her street instincts she picked up in her early life never completely left her. But she also had a gentle side (never shown to possums or skunks).

She was the toughest being I ever knew. So strong. Her body aged faster than her spirit, although she lived a long life.

May 2012
A salute to a great dog. I miss you, your sweet welcoming howls as I approach the gate to home, your bad habits too. Sometimes a great dog comes into your life and your life changes, you change and become better person. Thank you, Moxie.

A great dog and wonderful friend: birth date unknown-6/1/12.