Monday, July 9, 2012

Kid Jam Business

While I was tucking my youngest into bed one evening, he informed me he was going into the strawberry jam business with details about how he would make it and what he would do with his earnings which includes taking over the duties of buying groceries. He informed me I need only make a list, he'd take care of the rest. The next morning, he showed me the recipe he would use that he found in his High Five Highlights magazine.

We dove into the project. I assisted with the grown up things (reading, lifting heavy pots, etc.), but this guy lead the entire project from the hulling and mashing of the strawberries...

to the stirring of the jam...

to the filling of the jars and preparing them for the final water bath. He's already made two sales. His first to his oldest brother. We made a second batch, strawberries hand picked at Underwood Farms, before we headed out on a road trip of northern California.

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