Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Road Trip One of Two: Part I

Cuyucos pier
Back in March or so, I was hit with the notion of a summer road trip with the boys. My idea was to leave immediately after school got out and head to northern California to see friends, take in some sights and enjoy the adventure of a road trip. I planned to head out alone with the boys for the bulk of the trip, Eric would join us for a few days in Berkeley.

I love California. It is such a beautiful state and I'm grateful to call it home. The send off from LA caught us in traffic, so we snailed out way through the southeastern part of the Valley, broke out on the other side and didn't look back until we were facing the other way to come home.

We spent a night in Davenport on our way to San Francisco. I've always loved this small town on a quiet part of the Pacific Coast Highway.

The boys and I enjoyed a walk around the town, taking in the community garden, the sound of the Pacific crashing against the bluffs and the two cell jail, now shuttered, and used only once when it was active.

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  1. I recognized the Cayucos pier immediately. My childhood vacations were spent there fishing off the pier and swimming in the surf.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Steve baking in Central CA


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