Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Road Trip One of Two: Part II Alcatraz

Davenport Jail
The boys and I left Davenport, CA, bright and early to visit a current family obsession: Alcatraz Island.

Alcatraz main cellhouse
Alcatraz operated as a federal penitentiary for only 29 years (1934-1963) but remains notorious for housing the most dangerous criminals of the time on the island in the middle of the frigid Bay. The natural conditions of the isolated penitentiary made escape highly unlikely. Fourteen prisoners attempted escape, three remain unfound. The story of Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers is part of the reason why my family is so curious about Alcatraz.

Alcatraz library
The most popular books in the library were philosophy books: Schopenhauer, Kant and the classics.

interior cellblock
The cellblock made quite an impression on the boys. They wouldn't enter inside any of the open cells.

The short cruise back to the City is a delight with the skyline so vivid, the Bay speckled with sailboats racing in the strong wind.

After we docked, we discovered in the few hours we were on the island, steps away Pier 29 had burned terribly. I wondered if the spark was slowly burning when we drove past it early in the morning or if the fire source, a frayed wire, acetone soaked rags near a heater or whatever, was in place as we passed it when this old building was still solid. Strange how quickly dramatic change occurs, how something small can erupt into something so large.

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  1. Interesting post...I would love to visit Alcatraz. :)


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