Monday, January 28, 2013


I received a call from my funny friend Maryellen Hooper. "Is everything okay?" she asked. We talked for about an hour as she returned home from from a comedy gig. We talked about holidays, family, yada yada yada. In the end she said in what's with the blog? How come you aren't writing as much? I explained I had been writing quite a bit but not on the blog. I've been at work on some projects.

Maryellen understands this. Two years ago, Maryellen went through a similar dryspell with her Stinky Flowers blog. She had an eyeopening experience when she realized she had written a total of seven entries for the entire year. She made a resolution to write more and as a woman of her word, has done so.

This new year, I have made only one resolution. To laugh more. Not that I don't already laugh a lot, but I want to laugh more. Good thing I have friends like Maryellen. She keeps me laughing. And I appreciate the blogging nudge, Maryellen.

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  1. Yeah! Ramshackle is BACK, Baby! I missed you so.
    Here's something I never thought I'd say to a friend: Sorry about your Bees...




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