Monday, April 15, 2013

Hand Stacked Yard Rubble into Reading Bench

I wanted to plant some Barbecue rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis 'Barbecue') in the yard. The bush typically grows 4-6 feet with hearty branches that can be used for barbecue skewers. I imagined it would go in the front planter beds to double as delicious and ornamental. I realized it would be quite sweet next to the steps Eric made years ago when our older son was just a toddler, who witnessed the entire project from the dirt narrating with hand gestures, "Scoop it up. Dump it." 

A gap between the stairs and wall needed to be retained to make a proper planter bed area. So I followed Eric's lead and built a dry stack wall/reading bench to close the gap. I used yard detritus of broken concrete and brick and carefully selected pieces for balance. 

I back filled the area and used dirt and sand on hand to help secure the rocks. All for the love of rosemary. Fingers crossed now I remember to water and that it stays protected from the fleet footed dog.

After finishing this project, I went to the canyon with kids and parents for a day out. Two young men were camping next to where we set up our day camp. One of the guys filled the canyon with these amazing rock sculptures delicately balanced throughout the canyon.

I had such respect for his work.

Some reminding me of a more rugged Brancusi sculpture.

I returned to the canyon a week later with a better camera in hopes of getting clearer pictures with better light. Each sculpture was gone, returned to the rock pile below. But for a moment, the rocks were rearranged, reaching up and upright.

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